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iPhone Tripod Hack

When I asked my coworker Roger if he had a tripod I could borrow, he found a piece of corrugated cardboard and made me this…



Concepting… robots

Concepting... robots

After a full year hiatus from posting, I’m getting back in the game. What better way to start than with some awesome robot illustrations in preparation for a corporate branding project!

Illustration of the Week 27

social_ramp_PRINT_by_Patricio Betteo

Social Ramp by Patricio Betteo, Mexico

Photo of the Week 69


This is one of my favorite pictures from my first trip to central Mexico. I saw this image from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle and quickly snapped the shot. It’s a miracle it came out, and with such vibrance! I love how the clouds appear low on the hill, and how the foreground is blurred while the background is in focus. I have this shot blown up on my bedroom wall. Love!


Illustration of the Week 26


I love that I can not pinpoint an era or even a location for this piece.

According to ConceptArtWorld:

Simon Goinard is a freelance concept and production illustrator located in New York City, New York. His list of clients include Disney, Applibot Inc., Nexus Productions, ArenaNet/NCsoft and Aston Martin.

See full post here.

Photo of the Week 68


Looks like white-on-black is about to meet black-on-white. I love that their outfits are reversed, and by pure coincidence. It’s one of those sartorial moments only Scott Schuman could capture.


Illustration of the Week 25


Editorial/satirical illustration by Grant E. Hamilton published in the February 16, 1895 (yes, over a century ago) issue of Judge magazine. The detailed feeling and emotion only becomes more incredibly the longer and closer you look at it. Rarely does architecture take on a personality of its own, but this building (town?) definitely does, in a beautiful way. More details here and here.

Photo of the Week 67


by Nik Daum, taken in Seoul. Originally seen here after which I scoured the new photography section of Daum’s site. Some great stuff, makes my inner world traveler want to quit my job.