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Fall Wedding Invitations

These were a blast to design and create. My brother and his then-fiancée were married at a golf resort, so we carried the color green through the invitations. I experimented with a different pocket style (you’ll notice the left pocket is adhered at the top and bottom, but the right pocket is adhered only at the bottom, and tapered at the top), and I spent a lot of time with the flourish graphics, making each piece unique and fitting each flourish to the shape of each item. It took me a while to photograph them, but here they are! Enjoy!


Late Summer Wedding (Blue)

These wedding invitations, as well as the reception pieces were fun to work on. I designed and constructed them for two very good friends of mine. Congrats you two!

Late Summer Wedding: Blue (Preview)

Enjoy these proof photos of a wedding I’m currently working on! More to come!

Winter Wedding (preview)

Here’s a sneak-peek of a wedding I did a few months ago… more photos to come!

Late Summer Wedding


I recently had the privilege to accessorize a late summer orange and gold wedding in New York. We began with the colors and styling, then developed the mark with their names and the date, which carried through the system.

Interesting story: I bought a single sheet of the beautiful gold leaf patterned paper at Michael’s a few years ago and mistakenly brought it in a stack of samples to my initial meeting with the maid of honor. She loved it and we decided that it would look perfect implemented on the invitations. However, since I bought it so long before, I couldn’t assure her I’d find it again. After searching the Web, calling various private retailers and almost every Michael’s in New Jersey, I finally found fifteen 12 x 12 sheets of the precious gold leaf paper. Whew! I then compensated with the design so that there’d be enough to go around. One of the things I’ve learned in this industry is to find ways to save, use and reuse every scrap of extra paper you pay for. (That’s my graphic design piece-of-advice-for-the-day.)

The project included: invitations, printed envelopes, programs, place cards, table numbers, menus, and a grand seating chart.












Fall Wedding Invitations

Fall Wedding Invitation

It’s always difficult to decide what to get a good friend for their wedding. Of course, if you’re a graphic designer, you could always offer to design their invitations.

This design came from the couple’s idea for a bronzy-fall look. The luminescent cream-on-brown looked lovely (courtesy Stardream papers), and the paisley design printed amazing.

The paisley pattern was a request from the couple, but good paisleys are frustratingly hard to come by. One of my favorite paisley patterns of all time is a blue and white dress shirt I have had for years. So, I scanned it at high resolution and adjusted the color to match the neutral brown tones. Later, the brown jackets were hand-cut, -folded and -adhered, and the envelopes individually printed with each recipient’s name and address.

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