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New hellonedman stamps!!

LOVE these new rubber stamps I designed for hellonedman, a step in a new direction for site branding. I’m already thinking of so many ways to use them. I’m currently in the middle of an anniversary project (photos below of the brown paper) and I just loved how the gold ink shows up on the Stardream paper, which will be the back of the invites.

Any ideas for other ways to use these stamps?! Thanks so much to Simon’s Stamps for the production, a quality job by great people.

Precious Petunia, A Craft Show Experience

Here are some photos from a craft show where my friend Kristen set up a booth to sell handmade beds for dogs, cats, rabbits, or monkeys, or any type of pet really. I made the business cards, labels, tags, and signage (at midnight the night before, mind you… otherwise I’d have ordered some bigger signs). She collects vintage chairs, luggage, hat boxes and small tables to convert them into beds for pets, after which she sews pillows with colorful reversible patterns to insert. The whole idea was great, and the presentation very vibrant and exciting. We even had someone stop by with their dogs to try out the beds. Visit her etsy site and shop online here!

Sketching and Concepting

My friend Kristen (Din for short) is starting a new business venture, creating one-of-a-kind beds for your pet cat or dog out of vintage found materials, re-painted and padded with custom pillows. Here is page one of the concepting phase of branding, the stage out of which inevitably nothing survives. The name is still pending as well, so we’ll see where this goes.

JVAL Logo and Business Cards

Check out this logo I developed for my friend Joel’s construction business. I could not find a font I liked, so I made one! The cards were printed on silk-coated paper with rounded corners, making the entire green rounded-rectangle the actual mark, not just the letters. I’m still working on a corporate identity which will include stationery, folders, decals, apparel, and who knows what else! Have a look…

Here’s my card…


I finally buckled down and ordered business cards for myself. I have been eyeing the products of tasteofinkstudios.com for some time now. They print on silk-coated paper and offer cool extras like spot-gloss and metalic ink, all for fairly reasonable prices.

Click to see the rest of the photos…

Corporate Identity


With the emergence of GPTMC’s new logo, it was high time to update our corporate identity. There were several new items designed and produced: Letterhead (Corporate, Pressroom, and general), business envelopes, business cards, large envelopes (regular and tyvek), mailing labels, and notepads. Notice the subtle but wonderful linen detail on both the letterheads and the business cards.

This was my first major undertaking here (I was still an intern at the time), and overall it was an amazingly fulfilling project. It began–as all good designs usually do–with many sketches and notebook pages full of lines and scribbles. Then with the help of many others here at GPTMC we edited and refined what would become the final drafts. Finally, after the whole corporate identity system was approved, Nichole and I actually got to visit Printcrafters during the first print run of business cards, and were very pleased with the quality of the printing and service of the staff. (Then we ate lunch at the Urban Outfitters headquarters in the shipyard, which is a gorgeous facility you absolutely must visit. See post Index)

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