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Urban Outfitters Catalog Collection


As I’m slowly simplifying my physical existence in preparation for a future relocation, I feel the need to discard any (read: most) superfluous accumulations. So, as proud as I am of my 8-year running Urban Outfitters catalog collection, it might be time to part ways.

I’m not too heartbroken. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration UO’s online/social presence always keeps me going. Thanks guys!



Collections: Pocket Squares

Few of my collections are stored so neatly or concisely, but since I keep them out and on display I found it was much more visually pleasing to organize them in a container. I found this perfectly sized wicker basket at our local craft store!

Collections: Ribbon

Who else has a ribbon collection? I know it seems ridiculous, but they have just seemed to accumulate over the years! Every time I need a different color, I buy a whole spool plus everything I find on sale. The scraps are easier to store; I keep them in little plastic bags. Thus my ribbon drawer was born! I also handmade the cake stands from plates and candle-holders (see the details here). Being creative apparently requires a lot of storage space, unfortunately.

Collections: Seashells

While cleaning out my closet, I found these boards I made several years ago. Most of the shells came from my grandmother’s collection of seashells she’s found on her travels around the world. I decided that they’re too precious to sell or discard. I spent a lot of time putting them together! So while they’re still sitting up in my closet, here are some photos for you to enjoy!

Collections: Scarves

You can never have too many scarves. Goodbye my cold-weather friends, I will not miss you in the summer months!

Collections: Chopsticks

Click for more of my collection…

Collections: sketchbooks

An artist can never have enough sketchbooks. Even when I don’t need one, I’ll still buy more. There’s just something about a blank book that beckons to be scribbled on, filled in, or used up. Everyone should have at least one…