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Category: Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week 69


This is one of my favorite pictures from my first trip to central Mexico. I saw this image from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle and quickly snapped the shot. It’s a miracle it came out, and with such vibrance! I love how the clouds appear low on the hill, and how the foreground is blurred while the background is in focus. I have this shot blown up on my bedroom wall. Love!


Photo of the Week 68


Looks like white-on-black is about to meet black-on-white. I love that their outfits are reversed, and by pure coincidence. It’s one of those sartorial moments only Scott Schuman could capture.

Photo of the Week 67


by Nik Daum, taken in Seoul. Originally seen here after which I scoured the new photography section of Daum’s site. Some great stuff, makes my inner world traveler want to quit my job.

Photo of the Week 66


by Sergei Gladyshev, seen here.

Photo of the Week 65

I began looking for rainstorm photos to show how I feel today (We’ve had less than ideal weather lately) and I stumbled upon this great photo from Ian Boys’ Flickr page, shot on a trip to Arizona. Also a successful example of what HDR should look like.

Photo of the Week 64

Pretty river, discovered on Fffound!

Photo of the Week 63

Reminds me so much of Mexico. Seen on Fffound! from scotchandjazzatdusk.com

Photo of the Week 62

Cool dude seen on Fffound! I am always drawn to great mustaches, not to mention impeccable hairstyles and classic fashion.

Photo of the Week 61

Not sure where this photo originated, but it makes me happy!

Photo of the Week 60

Reflejos, 2011 by Julio Velasco. Makes me think the gentleman in this photo has an amazing story to tell.