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Corporate Identity


With the emergence of GPTMC’s new logo, it was high time to update our corporate identity. There were several new items designed and produced: Letterhead (Corporate, Pressroom, and general), business envelopes, business cards, large envelopes (regular and tyvek), mailing labels, and notepads. Notice the subtle but wonderful linen detail on both the letterheads and the business cards.

This was my first major undertaking here (I was still an intern at the time), and overall it was an amazingly fulfilling project. It began–as all good designs usually do–with many sketches and notebook pages full of lines and scribbles. Then with the help of many others here at GPTMC we edited and refined what would become the final drafts. Finally, after the whole corporate identity system was approved, Nichole and I actually got to visit Printcrafters during the first print run of business cards, and were very pleased with the quality of the printing and service of the staff. (Then we ate lunch at the Urban Outfitters headquarters in the shipyard, which is a gorgeous facility you absolutely must visit. See post Index)

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Frida Kahlo in Philadelphia

In spring of 2008, the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosted a gallery of Frida Khalo work, which for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Company meant a great chance to market the city to potential visitors. I designed two web banners which were featured on gophila.com for the duration of the show, as well as a proposed stationery set…



Here is how the banners appeared on gophila.com…


I had so much fun expanding the system to include stationery. Although never implemented, it makes a great portfolio addition!