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Madlibs–Philly style!

Philly Fill-Ins! I concepted and designed these fun keepsake game booklets as part of the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™ marketing campaign. This genious feat of papercrafting features ten tear-off sheets with Philadelphia-themed fill-in stories, written by yours truly (now I can say I am a writer too!). We inserted them in special gift packages for hotel guests at the beginning of the With Love™ campaign, and received much positive feedback!

The Official With Love Campaign Catalogue


I’ve always wanted to design a catalogue. So when I was approached at work with the assignment to create ‘some sort of catalogue or ordering sheet’ for all the With Love collateral, I jumped on the opportunity and flew with it. Theoretically, you can judge a designer by what he does with the options he has at his disposal. In other words, neither low budget nor lack of supplies should be an excuse for an inferior design. One simply must be more imaginative.

Thus, this particular design process began with photographing each element on a white background (view photos here) and creating a workable production format that I could execute in-house. I used legal-sized copy paper for the inside signatures (hand-fed for the second side), cover-stock tabloid size paper for the covers (also hand-fed for double-sided printing and hand-trimmed), and a long-armed stapler for the binding. For the few days of frantically intense production time a few of my coworkers helped out (you guys are awesome). Together we formed a cheerful assembly line of printing, second-side printing, cutting, folding, inserting and stapling.

The final product certainly does justice to the pieces themselves and presents them in an appealing, useable manner. But, essentially, that’s what a catalogue is for, right? Of course!

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Multilingual T-shirts? Check.


As part of the With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™ campaign, GPTMC produced t-shirts showing the lovable logo in seven different languages: English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish. Some of the t-shirts were compressed into adorable little hearts and given as gifts at our press event.

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Come to Philly!


May 2009 marked the unveiling of a new tourism campaign for the city–With Love, Philadelphia XOXO™. GPTMC worked with the acclaimed design agency Red Tettemer to develop the concept and logo, and from there we spun the logo into various collateral pieces (many of which I was privileged to design) as gifts for press contacts, stakeholders, and visitors. The items became so popular that we will probably be selling them on gophila.com soon (so keep an eye out)!

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