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If you met Philadelphia at a party…

In a group exercise conducted during Philadelphia focus groups, participants were asked to imagine Philadelphia as a person they met at a party. (The exercise had been previously conducted in GPTMC focus groups in 2006.) These are my illustrations reflecting actual comments during the focus groups, featured at GPTMC’s annual January tourism event. Definitely a positive progression for the city!



Illustration of the Week 24


Featuring digital artwork by Andrée Wallin (Sweden), seen here.

Photo of the Week 66


by Sergei Gladyshev, seen here.

Say it like you mean it.


Sticky Type is live! Follow my typographical sticky-note journey on Tumblr here.

Urban Outfitters Catalog Collection


As I’m slowly simplifying my physical existence in preparation for a future relocation, I feel the need to discard any (read: most) superfluous accumulations. So, as proud as I am of my 8-year running Urban Outfitters catalog collection, it might be time to part ways.

I’m not too heartbroken. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration UO’s online/social presence always keeps me going. Thanks guys!


Top-Secret 007 FIESTA

I was commissioned to design an invitation for a private party for some friends who have not seen the previous 007 movies (or at least the two Daniel Craig films), and timing was perfect considering the imminent Skyfall release. I liked the final product so much I had a large-scale version printed as a poster for my office!

Graduation Party Invitation

My little brother requested Superboy-themed graduation invitations. I ran with it.

Why is it So Hard to Say I’m Sorry

Diet is Going Crappy Today