Illustration(s) of the Week 23

by Nathanael

In my search for the perfect Avengers-inspired illustration (in honor of the moving coming out at midnight tonight!!!) I found these awesome illustrations by Terryl Whitlatch, creature designer who has even worked on Star Wars characters. These are so much fun! My favorite is Captain Paramerica.

From the artist:

“It was fun deciding what dinosaurs should be what characters. I ended up with an Ankylosaur as Iron Man (a no-brainer, as this animal is naturally armored), a Parasaurolophus as Captain America, just because I thought with that crest it would look really funny, a Triceratops as Thor, especially since when it grows up it is actually a Torosaurus, hence “Thor”-osaurus, and a T-rex as the Hulk so I could give it really muscularly odd little arms. It’s a breath of fresh air to do fan art, and any excuse to draw dinosaurs is a good one!”

Originally viewed here.