Photo of the Week 56

by Nathanael

Ahh! Paris!

About a month ago I purchased Rosetta Stone for French, with the intention of learning the language before I go to France next year. So far I can say “Je suis un homme.” (I am a man.) and various other sentences. “Il mange du riz.” (He eats the rice.) Haha. I’m working on it.

Anyway, here is a beautiful shot of Paris by Taylor Miles. He makes an excellent point in his caption below:

My advice to people who visit Paris. I know it seems logical to go to the top of the Eiffel tower when you go to Paris, but what is missing in the view? What is the most recognizable object in Paris? On the top of the 210 meters / 689 foot tall Tower Montparnasse skyscraper you can enjoy the best panorama in Paris, France.

Noted. I will be visiting the Montparnasse building to be certain, if only to capture an amazing shot of the city like this one.