DIY Gifts

by Nathanael

My absolute favorite class at the University was bookmaking. Maybe I just had a knack for it, maybe it was just a sudden outlet for my natural love of papercrafting. All I know is that after that class I went crazy, covering every book I could find with a custom cover, and making gifts of all kinds for friends and special occasions. I made this green book set for a friend who decided to move to Italy and serve in a congregation in need of missionary help. So I packed her various notebooks, both blank and subject-filled (including an address book and a planner). Also I covered a small Bible that could fit in her purse. Practical things. The tag read “Some things a traveling pioneer needs in her bag.” The final touch was a cardboard box-bottom that I custom covered to match, and a cellophane cover tucked in to hold the pleated tissue.  I think I enjoyed shopping for all the matching green paper, ribbon, and accouterments just as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!!

This second set I constructed as part of a graduation gift for a friend (who loves pink). It turned out very pretty: