Tron Costume

by Nathanael

I’d been going back and forth in my mind for appropriate costume ideas for a Tron party. Glow-in-the-dark t-shirt from Amazon was the boringest and cheapest, but I didn’t have enough time to allow for shipping. I had a black blazer I was willing to deface with glitter, but my fear of making a mess won out. I could have just worn black t-shirt and slacks, but that’s what the majority of people wore. So I took a cue from my friend Tim who created the Death Star Construction costume a few years back, and I effectively became the Grid Mantenaince Man. It was relatively reasonable to create. I already had the boots, so I just bought a cheap polo and cargo pants, white iron-on letters from the craft store, a cool utility watch from Nordstrom (a surprise last-minute find), a plain black cap, and two awesome amo belts and gloves from the army supply store. Sweet!

Photo Credit: Michelle Kondreck