by Nathanael

After finishing the Sketchbook Project, I realized that although, as a whole, all my old sketchbooks are a jumbled mess of chaos, there are moments of genius in each one. So as I fill each of my personal sketchbooks, I will be uploading the highlights from each, or at least my favorite parts.

9″ by 12″ is a great size for sketching. There’s always enough room for everything, and since I used this book not only for sketching but for writing as well each page holds a lot of information. This is the book I used to write my ideas for the novel I’m working on. There are sections where I mock-interviewed each character to get to know them better, timelines, charts and lists for character development and succession of events, and of course, sketches. Coincidentally, I filled the book just as I arrived at a pivotal moment in my writing, where I will basically be starting over. Just in time to start another 9″ by 12″. Here is a collage of my favorites…

As I went through my book, I also realized that I talk–er, write–to myself a lot. I will make small talk and conversation with myself as I’m writing, sometimes resulting in comical dialogue. I tend to use the word “So…” a lot.