Fall Wedding Invitations

by Nathanael

Fall Wedding Invitation

It’s always difficult to decide what to get a good friend for their wedding. Of course, if you’re a graphic designer, you could always offer to design their invitations.

This design came from the couple’s idea for a bronzy-fall look. The luminescent cream-on-brown looked lovely (courtesy Stardream papers), and the paisley design printed amazing.

The paisley pattern was a request from the couple, but good paisleys are frustratingly hard to come by. One of my favorite paisley patterns of all time is a blue and white dress shirt I have had for years. So, I scanned it at high resolution and adjusted the color to match the neutral brown tones. Later, the brown jackets were hand-cut, -folded and -adhered, and the envelopes individually printed with each recipient’s name and address.

Closeup Monogram

Inside Opened

Invitation Inside

Closeup Type

Invitation Inside 2

Jacket with RSVP

With Envelopes

Monogram Cards